Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Sprinklers Can Actually Cause A Disaster!

If you own a home equipped with built-in fire sprinklers, you can rest assured that if there is a fire, your home will be saved from burning. Unfortunately, it'... READ MORE

Kitchen Restoration After Water Damage

Good things come from unfortunate situations sometimes! When you have a sudden pipe burst in your upstairs bathroom that floods your downstairs kitchen, it's no... READ MORE

Pipe Leak Affects Kitchen Cabinets

This Mission Viejo residence suffered a pipe leak in between cabinetry; the water damaged cabinets, drywall, and flooring in the kitchen and dining room. After ... READ MORE

Pipe Leak in Mission Viejo Home

Our customer's home recently suffered water damages due to a pipe leak in between a wall. Luckily only a small area was affected and SERVPRO of Mission Viejo wa... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage in Mission Viejo Home

Water damage is an unfortunate event that no one expects. This family suffered from an upper level pipe burst that affected the lower level. SERVPRO of Mission ... READ MORE

Slab Leak Water Dmage

This Mission Viejo residential property suffered water damage resulting from a slab leak behind the dishwasher. The slab leak affected drywall, baseboard, cabin... READ MORE

Upper Level Leak Causes Lower Level Damage

This residential home had two inches of standing water when SERVPRO of Mission Viejo arrived on site. A pipe leak from the upper level bathroom was left unnotic... READ MORE

Water Damage to Home in Mission Viejo

This family’s Mission Viejo residence experienced serious water damage after a ceiling pipe burst. The after picture was taken the following day after the... READ MORE